Going off to college can be nerve wrecking, especially for those who go at it ill prepared. The best thing you can do is to ensure that you are well-equipped with all the necessary college supplies, which will enable you to fend for yourself. These college essentials will definitely make life in college a little more bearable for you.

Let’s start the list off with some of the must-haves for each single college student.

1. Instead of always dragging around those long and heavy laptop chargers with you all the time, it would be wise to get a portable charger. These lightweight devices allow you to charge your laptops, phones and tablets. There is no need to walk around with multiple cables and chargers. Zolt is one of these chargers, and it comes at a pocket-friendly price.

2. Another important college supply is a power bank. College-life can be hectic, leaving little time to juice up some of your beloved devices. A power bank, such as the Mophie’s Powerstation SX contains a large power reserve, and as a bonus, it can also be used to charge two devices simultaneously.

3. Headphones are an essential college supply that will not only help you remain entertained but also helps you to maintain your solitude, for those who cherish some alone time . The Beoplay H5 is wireless and is made from durable, light and comfy material.

4. A keychain is important as it will help you keep track of all your precious keys. The Bottlehook is not only fashionable but also serves multiple purposes. It’s designed to hook into your pants and also help you open your brewskis.

5. In college, a backpack serves two main purposes. It is the place where you’ll throw all your essentials, and at the same time makes a fashion statement. The Northface Borealis satisfies both of these needs.

6. A good water bottle is a must have as it eliminates the need to keep purchasing disposable bottles. Autoseal Cortland is very portable and it is designed to prevent accidents such as leaks and spills.

7. Cable ties are an important college supply. They will help you deal with the clutter caused by all your cables. The Velcro Cable Ties help you tie your charges, cash, and other necessities, ensuring that they remain neat and organized.

Besides these essentials, there are other college supplies that you need to take with you to school, particularly if you live in the college dorms. They include:

8. A fitness tracker is an important part of college life. The Garmin Vivo Move helps you keep track of your fitness routine and also makes you look good while at it.

Essentials to help you meet your education goals include:

9. Tablets such as the iPad Pro, which eliminates the need for pens and notebooks as it allows you to take notes, make doodles and even play games allowing you to discreetly make it through some of those unbearable lectures.

10. A laptop is a necessity for any college student. The HP Chromebook 13 is stylish and also comes equipped with all the important software that allows you to make it through college life unperturbed. Check out some reviews by visiting http://www.gadgetreview.com/reviews/laptops-for-college

11. Heelys will help ensure that you make it to class on time. It might be a bit eccentric but it means less walking and allows you to make a grand entrance in all your classes.

12. A bike is a great alternative to Heelys as it demands less attention. The Trek FX S4 comes equipped with 20 gears allowing you to make long, smooth and uneven commutes. It even comes equipped with tech that can record the route and distance you’ve taken. And then there are those things that you need in your dorm room.

13. A fan, especially the air-movers, can be particularly important when the HVAC system in your room is acting up. They are also good emitters of white noise, whose soothing sound, can help calm you right into sleep.

14. Coffee makers also make the cut into the list of important college supplies. Helps you brew rich coffee in a small amount of time. The AeroPress is portable and use-friendly, a great companion during early mornings and late nights.

15. Netflix will allow you to unwind after a long week of classes. It offers great options for television shows and original movies and series.

16. Solo cups are ideal for parties, which will make up a significant part of your college experiences. They can be reused, allowing you to use them to brush your teeth and sip cold drinks. The pack of 1000 offers the best option for meeting all your college needs.

17. String lights are an important college supply. They can help amp up your room’s look, replacing the boring bulbs common in dorm rooms. They are also great for holidays and other exceptional moments.

18. The final college supply on the list is shower shoes. These are important if you live in dorm rooms where bathrooms are shared among multiple students. The Teva flip-flops have multiple layers that offer ultimate comfort, support and protection.
College-life may be chaotic, but so long as you have these college supplies, you will be just fine.

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